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title: “Everything is a Story”

layout: note

date: 09-08-2022

last_modified_at: 2023-12-08 12:09

ning middle and end. Or we tell a narrative from a particular perspective and minimise others. Our society is built on stories and most of them are incomplete, false, or give us an inflated sense of our own ego.

History is Always Edited for example, to fit whatever narrative is dominant.

Another one of our Perception Problems.

Let him describe what we have all seen so that it becomes a sequence. Bernard says there is always a story. I am a story. Louis is a story. There is the story of the boot-boy, the story of the man with one eye, the story of the woman who sells winkles.

Much of life revolves around this concept. The stories we tell attempt to save order from chaos, most often allowing us to rationalize our own decisions and fates within the larger framework

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