Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done is a book by David Allen that has achieved a certain level of cult status among productivity gurus. It's easy to explain but hard to implement.

  1. Write everything you need to get done into an inbox
  2. Process your inbox regularly. If a task takes two minutes or less, do it. If not, move it to a context where it will be done later.
  3. Create projects if a task has two or more steps
  4. Keep a future list.
  5. Keep a someday/maybe list
  6. Review every week.

This is fine by itself. Writing every task down helps clear your mind, and is a good example of the extended mind theory. Checking on them regularly is also a good idea.

What I dislike about the process is a certain amount of jargon and tool fundamentalism. People argue endlessly about the right way to implement the process, when they should just take what works for them. For me, the multiple lists and lack of prioritisation don't really work with me, so I ditched them.

Also it doesn't tackle the fundamental problem of systemic issues at work where people are overworked.

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