Have a break

While it's good to have a creative routine, it's also equally important to walk away from the page and have a break. You can feed a problem you might be having to your subconscious and allow it to process it while you do something more mundane.

Rest allows the information you have recieved to be processed. This is one theory of what sleep does and why dreams pull from different aspects of your life. This may be why ideas often come to you in the shower.

What I’ve come to realise is how indoctrinated we are into this one-dimensioned idea of productivity and what it is. So if I’m sat here with a pen and paper staring out of the window, something is happening, something that is not physical. Yet, someone else will come in and think that I’m doing nothing, that I’m lazy. And we need that sitting as part of our process. A block for me is part of a pause, and we shouldn’t make it into something negative.

— Raymond Antrobus- Interview with Durham University

David Ralph Lewis- Notes

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