I who have never known men Jacqueline harpman

title: “I Who Have Never Known Men-Jacqueline Harpman”

layout: note

date: 17-03-2023

permalink: /never-known-men-jh

last_modified_at: 2023-12-08 12:09

vision of women in a cage in a basement. Harpman’s novel never provides easy answers, but is vivid and full of intense detail. The narrator is cold and almost completely detached from the situation, which makes it even stranger. There’s no real resolution, no answers to the situation but it remains with you and is haunting.

5 things to steal

  • Removing all explanations
  • Vivid, sensory detail of strange situation
  • Subtle hints that the situation is not what you would expect.
  • No release- lends itself to the nightmare quality.
  • Telling reader there will be no resolution.

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