What I'm doing now


  • Wedding planning!


  • 52 ways of looking at a poem- Ruth Padel
  • The Bible II - Sam J. Grudgings

(Here's all the books I've read this year and 2021.)


  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 5
  • Angel - Season 2
  • Schitt's Creek- Season 6

(Here's the films I watched in 2022.)


  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Spyro: Reignitied Trilogy

Working on

  • PROJECT FLICKERING WALLS turning a pamphlet into an interactive TWINE game. Probably going to release it early this year
  • PROJECT LEVIATHAN Another poetry pamphlet, more traditional. Editing and shaping.
  • Planning DnD sessions as a beginner GM. |First session went pretty well.
  • Adding and updating these notes.
  • Investing heavily in the magic that is emacs

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