What I Use

Here in no particular order are the tools I use. (Remember the Tools Dont Matter).


  • My blog is built with Jekyll> and written in Emacs using markdown. The template is Minimal Mistakes.
  • This subdomain is written in Obsidian, then built with Jekyll using <a href=“https://digital-garden-jekyll-template.netlify.app/”>this digital garden template</a>.
  • Both sites are hosted as separate repositories on GitHub pages and built using Netlify.


  • I use a small cheap Writers Notebook for daily notes and snippets and a larger one for long form writing.
  • Daily, I do some Journaling in yet another notebook.
  • Months later, poetry is typed up into a single Org-Mode file in Emacs This gives me a chance to edit it with fresh eyes.
  • I send poems off to journals and edit again.
  • I also perform poems at Open Mics and slams or read them out loud and edit afterwards.
  • Snippets and ideas go into The Spark File to compost.

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