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One of the principles of the Indie Web is that you should own your data. Social networks come and go and may delete and sell all your ideas on a whim. So publish to your website first, then post to social media. This is known as POSSE (Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere)

Jay Springett argues that a blog is a more permanent place to store your thoughts than social media:

That smart important take blasted out in a Twitter thread is going to quickly sink down though the chummy social media seas into the deep never to be seen again. Yes, some people might bookmark It. Others might bookmark the thread reader version. But this is no substitute for hauling those important thoughts out of the private social seas on to dry land of your own Blogging Island. Safe. Permanent. Secure. And most importantly – Linkable and Searchable.

Please for the love of Blarg Start a Blog

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