The tools I use

Here in no particular order are the tools I use. (They don't matter)


  • My blog and main website are built with Jekyll and written in Emacs using markdown. The template is heavily adapted from this one by DP Strange and uses Bootstrap as the main backbone.
  • This subdomain is written in Tiddlywiki and exported via Node JS to html pages.
  • Both sites are hosted as separate repositories on GitHub pages and built using Netlify.


  • I use a small cheap notebook for daily notes and snippets and a larger one for long form writing.
  • I keep a diary in yet another notebook.
  • Months later, poetry is typed up into a single Org file in Emacs. This gives me a chance to edit it with fresh eyes.
  • I send poems off to journals and edit again.
  • I also perform poems or read them out loud and edit afterwards.
  • Snippets and ideas go into a spark file to compost.

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