Because Only Public Writing Matters, one great way of getting it into the world is to create a website and regularly upload blog posts. They can be on anything. My blog has gone from stories and poems to things I’ve enjoyed or general news. It doesn’t have to be specific to any one area, it can be whatever you want it to be. It’s a space to write and Learn in Public and to Share Your Work.

I use Jekyll because it is lightweight, but it is a little techy and may not be for everyone. A better alternative might be Wordpress, which is pretty each to use. Or you can post from a google spreadsheet.

It is liberating to have your own corner of the web to update and tinker with as you see fit, away from the noise of social networks. Don’t bother with SEO because it’s a fools errand. Instead focus on writing and publishing regularly. And remember publish to your Website First


This blog, Scribtotum, is for getting to know my own head.

It’s notes in the margins of my synaptic Commonplace Book.

It’s morning pages and it’s always morning.

It’s a recursive gratitude journal.

Why do I Blog? - Matthew Wayne Selznick

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