My main blog is built with Jekyll, a free open-source blogging platform. I was using Wordpress for years but found the site was too slow, especially for a mostly text based blog. Jekyll is a static site generator, so each page is html. As such, it's very fast to load. It's also hosted on Git Hub pages, meaning I don't need to pay for hosting any more. All I pay for is the domain, which is less than a tenner a year.

It's both easy and frustrating to use. The setup requires some html and css coding knowledge and some willingness for things to break. I found a template by DPStrange then messed around with it until I had something I liked. But once it is set up, all the posts are written with markdown, so it is quick to write a fully formatted blog post.

You can view the code in my github repo. The SCSS file is pretty much the same as this site.

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