This site is written using TiddlyWiki, which is a personal wiki software that is free and open source. It's elegant, easy to use and allows me to edit the files anywhere. Most importantly, it provides the links down the bottom (using a plugin called Stroll) so you can navigate the site easier and updates any links if I change them. It allows me to keep my notes in a network and prioritises atomic notes. I was keeping this information in org-roam in Emacs but it was private and hard to update if I wasn't at a computer. TiddlyWiki solves those problems.

This site is a static html representation of that wiki. I used this tutorial and this one to figure out how it worked. You need a decent handle on css but otherwise it is quite straight forward.

I update and change pages fairly frequently as these are more like working notes.

I can also save notes with a specific tag (I'm using 'reference') and exclude them from the export. So I have lots of notes now that are private. This is usually because they are barely coherent thoughts, or links to other things or quotes from other places.

The nice thing about TiddlyWiki is I can add these notes into any document I wanted if I need to by using curly brackets. Like this:

No man steps in the same river twice.

– Heraclitus

My main page is made with Jekyll as I found it's better for blogging. Both have the advantage of spitting out html files with minimal input, leaving me to focus on the actual work

  • Grok Tiddlywiki is an incredible useful guide to using Tiddlywiki, within Tiddlywiki itself

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