A digital garden is a bit less than a blog, a bit more than a personal notebook. It's a collection of seeds that I tend to and develop. It's a highly linked collection of notes on various topics. This site was inspired by Andy Matuschack's notes as well as other sites where you can get lost for hours.

  • Amy Hoy argues against chronological blog format (I still like having my blog in date format as it provides a history of my thinking.)
  • Tom Critchlow has an excellent post on the idea, as does Ann- Marie Cuff.
  • Joel Hooks:

Like with real gardens, our digital gardens are a constant ebb and flow towards entropy.

Weeds take over. Left untended the Earth will reclaim what belongs to it.

The same is true for our digital gardens here on the internet.

(This page is obligatory for any notes online.)

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