The mandela effect

title: “The Order of Time-Carlo Rovelli” layout: note date: 28-08-2022 permalink: /order-of-time-cr tags: [BookNotes] last_modified_at: 2023-12-08 12:09 from a physics point of view. I read it as I’m getting older and wondered what the hell time is anyway. I’m not sure I found out.

Key Ideas

Time is Relative

  • It runs at different speeds at different places. Up a mountain, it is slower. In space, it is slower still. It is also affected by speed. The faster something moves the less time passes.
  • Mass slows time around it.
  • Sun and earth fall around each other due to time.
  • Gravity is time
  • Speed slows down time.

The only Law of Physics that is Directional is Heat.

  • Always goes hot to cold, never the other way round.
  • Seeking equilibrium. Entropy.
  • Heat is the only distinction between past and future.

Entropy is Relative

  • No distinction between cause and effect.
  • No shared present, multiple overlapping present times.
  • can overlap and circle back

Time is a Field, Acted on by other Forces.

  • Can stretch and change.
  • Time is granular, made up of Planck seconds- smallest divisible unit.
  • Time exists in a superposition. Unsure of how it exists until it interacts with the world.
  • Therefore the past, present and the future are indeterminate

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