Perception Problems

We think we experience the real world but we do not at all. Our perception of the world is deeply flawed

Look at Colour-Constancy, where our brain decides what colour we should see. Or Apophenia where we see patterns that aren’t there. Or Chronostasis, where the first second of a clock is seemingly suspended in time.

Our memories are flawed because [[ Everything-is-a-Story ]]. Look at the The-Mandela-Effect.

We have a strong Negativity-Bias. We are more sensitive to losses than gains. We overestimate the risks of that which is vivid and immediate in theAvailability-Heuristic

We forget where we found information and experiernce Source-Amnesia

Still though, because of the Dunning-Kruger-Effectwe might not know what we don’t know.

The flip side of this is due to The-Flynn-Effect, people are getting smarter all the time.

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