Ways of Approaching Form

[[ Poetic Forms ]] can be intimidating. There’s a lot ofrules so it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some approaches.

  • Jacob-Samuel-Rose in Apples and Snakes workshop I was in (Red-Sky-Session-2) said to try different parts of the form in stages. So for a Sonnet you might try writing a fourteen line poem, then you might add in a turn, then maybe try iambic pentameter, then add in rhyme. In this way you build up the elements of the form slowly and get used to what each part does.
  • Similarly, immerse yourself in one form for a bit. write lots of examples and see what they can do. See where the limitations are and where the flexibility is.
  • Just mess around and remember Art-is-Play. Remove the pressure to get it ‘right’.

Check out Loud poets Return to form series (link in the Poetry-Resources)

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