2020 03 20 Rebecca Thantony workshop

  • [[ No Right Way to Be Creative ]]
  • How obvious or mysterious we are. Accessible vs obscured.
  • Use The Five Senses for descriptions. A way into a topic
  • First Draft- write as if no one will read it
  • 2nd edit- write for everyone.
  • Shock of language
  • Sustained imagery- use same sequences of images
  • Recognise yourself in the other. To write is to be seen in your vulnerability. Offer things to the world, not yours anymore
  • Everyone has the same [[ writing%20fears ]]fears</a> and limitations. All feel it and write anyway
  • Free WritingFree write</a> if from subconscious.
    • Take lines or images from free writes.
  • Poetic Forms - space is as much the poem as the words.
  • Poetic Forms reflect meaning
  • Line break changes narrative
  • End on an image on a line, avoid connectives at the end of the line
  • stanzas, change in character, scene, emotion,
  • titles shed light on what’s to come
  • Performance- it’s just you on stage. Let yourself feel the fear.
    • Bring poem to life with tone, tempo etc.
  • Read Writing Aloud while Editing A Poem and get rid of words

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