Read Widely

Don’t just confine yourself to one genre. Read outside your chosen discipline. Be-Interdisciplinary. Read as much as you can from all different subjects.

It is the same with trash movies, trash TV. Wrestlemania. The Kardashians. I’m fascinated by it. So I don’t say read Tolstoy and nothing else. Read everything. See everything. The poet must not avert his eyes. — – Werner Herzgog

We also, I say, ought to copy these bees, and sift whatever we have gathered from a varied course of reading, for such things are better preserved if they are kept separate; then, by applying the supervising care with which our nature has endowed us, – in other words, our natural gifts, – we should so blend those several flavours into one delicious compound that, even though it betrays its origin, yet it nevertheless is clearly a different thing from that whence it came._ —Seneca, Epistle LXXXIV

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