Red Sky Session 1


Red Sky Session 1- Mailika Booker

Notes from the first Red Sky Sessions run by Apples and Snakes, a free series of writing workshops around poetry.

Writing is all about habits and rituals.

  • Where do you write?
  • How do you maximise your time?
  • Try different spaces in house, different times.
  • No need to always be Writing Every Day, but have a regular routine.

If you aren’t reading, you aren’t writing.

  • Set reading goals.
  • Read as many poetry books as possible
  • Read a book in depth each month- underline and Make Marginalia.
  • Why do you like certain poems?
  • What are they doing?
  • How does the imagery work?
  • Read anthologies to find poets.
  • Read outside your era and experience. (Read Widely)

Keep a haiku journal

Strategies to mess up the blank page

  • 5/7 min Free Writing.
  • Structured free writes- to a prompt or starting point.
  • Underline lines and pull out into a new poem
  • Start with simple contrasting statements- I know/ I don’t know etc
  • Rhyme train for three minutes.
  • Line by line developments.

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