Red sky session 4

title: “Red Sky Session 4”

layout: note

date: 28-08-2022

last_modified_at: 2023-12-08 12:09


  • Remove impurities
  • Poems are machines.
  • Put good stuff in: Read Widely and talk with new people

Gut is the Best Editor

  • Need to train and trust. Other people are valuable, but hone your own voice
  • Constant process Try and experiment, learn and grow.
  • Read scientifically, analytical. How are they doing it?

Lydia Davies Treatment

Lydia Davies - Never includes, I think I feel I love I hate Communicates through action only

Try Different Washes or Styles of Writers

Editing as a Creative Process. An Experiment (Editing is writing)

Poetic Forms As an Editing Tool

  • What is there already?
  • Play within structure.

Combine Poems into a collection/ Pamphlet.

Order in different ways.

No Gospel. Question Everything.

Look for Specific Detail.

Get Rid of Redundancies

Identify Clichés

We All Have Factory Presets in Poems

  • How can you break out?
  • Should you?

Making Space.

Show Dont Tell. Where do you want to be explicit?

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