Focus on Process not the end goal

When working creatively, remember the point is the process not the end goal. It’s the journey of discovery, the unexpected twists your mind takes along the way that is where the real joy is.

If you focus on the end goal, your work will be restrained as you are always thinking for an audience. If you focus on the process, you are doing it for yourself and for joy. Art-is-Play.

I would like to think that the freaky nature of how we went about doing all of this, for anybody that’s interested; I hope it inspires a way of celebrating this idea of process. Just to let the boat drift and see where it’s going to go. Don’t jump out; just see where it goes. Not necessarily wanting end results; not necessarily trying to get to an end point. That’s really important to me. -Thom Yorke on making Kid A with Stanley-Donwood quoted in The Guardian

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