Writers Block

It’s hard sometimes, sitting down with nothing to right about. Or feeling you have something to write about but being unable. Writing-Every-Day leaves you burnt out. it might be that you are experiencing writer’s block.

Writers block is often symptomatic of other problems. You might be anxious or unsettled in your life or have something else going on, other stresses that make it hard to focus. Or you might be suffering from Imposter-Syndrome

Try and remember Art-is-Play and work to fall back in love with Autotelic art. Focus-on-Process-not-the-end-goal. Mess around with some [[ Writing-Exercises ]]. Constrained-Writing can be good to challenge yourself, to narrow down your field of view from everything to something more manageable. If all else fails, Just-Start writing utter rubbish, and maybe Embrace-Randomness.

Or maybe just Have-a-Break! That’s fine too, we don’t always have to be producing all the time.

  • This is a very good podcast on writers block and informed a lot of my thinking on it.


I’ve said it before. Beautiful ideas abound. These ideas swim around us, ideas that can be of immense utility to world. Some ideas have our singular names inscribed upon them and it is our responsibility to reach beyond our lesser selves to the brightest version of what we can be and breathe life into these ideas. This act of reaching is almost always accompanied by the wretched homunculus and its dreary anthem of personal incompetence, but it is our sacred duty, to turn around and kick this little fucker in the balls. The fight with the dark force inside us is the forge in which true art is formed.

– Nick Cave- Red Hand Files

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