Sit With Discomfort

Instead of turning away from discomfort, the best way to deal with it is to sit with it. You have to embrace unpleasantness head on in order to deal with it fully, not lying to yourself about how difficult or nasty something might be.

This is what Meditating teaches us, to sit in the moment. You should Practise-Doing-Nothing. Start-with-silence

Oliver-Burkeman talks about this in relation to distraction:

The most effective way to sap distraction of its power is just to stop expecting things to be otherwise – to accept that this unpleasantness is simply what it feels like for finite humans to commit ourselves to the kinds of demanding and valuable tasks that force us to confront our limited control over how our lives unfold.

Four-Thousand-Weeks- Oliver-Burkeman

(Remember though Distraction-is-Inevitable)

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