"Be Present"

It’s important to be present in your life. Not living in the past, looking at regrets or decisions you have made. Or living in the future, spending too much time planning what you want to. Instead, you try and spend your attention as much as possible to the present moment. Attention-is-Everything.

Things that help for me are meditation, Write-to-a-Timer and using a Writers-Notebook to brain-dump.

The opposite of being present is being distracted constantly, for example on social media where it is intentionally hard to focus. Remember Social-Media-is-Designed-to-Capture-Our-Attention.

Don’t beat yourself up too much though, because Distraction-is-Inevitable.

You’re obliged to deal with how your experience is unfolding in this moment, to resign yourself to the reality that this is it. Four-Thousand-Weeks

  • This is an excellent video about photography, arguing the most important skill you can have is to be present.

Nothing lasts forever. Someday we will all be gone, perhaps even all humanity will be nothing more than a speck in the infinity of time. But in spite of these certainties and thoughts and fears and anxieties, we are still alive now, in the present, in this moment, and we should not spend so much time either clinging to the past or worrying about the future that we forget about the present. ⤴️

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